Box Corners

If you were to simply sew two squares of fabric together, you would create a very flat bag. While this is great for a gift bag, book bag or simple tote, sometimes you may like your bag to be more threedimensional and have added depth to hold more inside. In these cases we often use box csorners. In my patterns there are two different types of box corners: square edge box corners, as used in Melly’s Messenger and Luscious Layered Bag and cut out box corners, as used in Mobile Mummy Changing Bag and Wine and Dine Duo. … More Box Corners


Mitred Corners

When binding the edges of a project, you will usually come across some corners. The neatest way to bind your corners is to mitre them. In this book I have used two different methods of binding: standard continuous binding, as used for City Nights Clutch and mitred topstitch binding, as used for Mobile Mummy Changing Bag and Sugar Sweet Shoulder Bag. … More Mitred Corners

Topstitch Binding

It is easy to neaten pocket edges with a touch of added flair by adding a line of binding to a raw edge. It makes a good design feature and adds strength to the edges. I choose to attach topstitch binding, firstly because I like its appearance and secondly it is a much quicker and easier way to add traditional continuous binding. … More Topstitch Binding